Lalabu gives 2% of every purchase to help moms in Africa, supporting mom entrepreneurs through micro-finance.

Our Giving Model

When you buy any Lalabu product, 2% of the sale goes to help mom entrepreneurs in Africa through micro-lending. Giving back is one of our core values, and so we give out of topline revenue -- regardless if we are profitable or not that month. Even though we're a small company, we want our business model to help make the world a better place. 

How We Give

We partner with Kiva, a peer-to-peer micro-lending organization, to offer loans to mom entrepreneurs. Unlike a one-time gift, micro-loans help entrepreneurs create a specific plan to grow their business and pay the loan back. However, when our borrowers pay the loan back, we don't take the money -- we reinvest it into Kiva so it goes to another borrower. That means that every month, the amount we're able to give grows. 

Often, only a small amount of money stands in the way of a mom and her dreams for her family, and Kiva's micro-loans range from $25-$500 per loan. These small loans can make a BIG difference for families all over Africa.  Moms use the loans to start or expand businesses of their own that pay for their children to go to school, buy food, and build homes. 


Why Moms in Africa?

We learned traditional babywearing on a trip to Burkina Faso in west Africa. That experience was what inspired us to design the Soothe Shirt, with the goal of making babywearing simple and accessible. Since it was a mom in Africa who taught us about traditional babywearing, we wanted to design our giving model to empower mom entrepreneurs in Africa, who are a powerful driving force for economic growth in the continent today. 

You can learn more about the loans we have made and the people we have invested in by visiting our Kiva Lending Page.  You can also join in and start making your own micro-loans here.

Pictures with Lalabu in the village of Djibasso