A Video Message From Lalabu

Keri’s aunt recently met up with Lalabu and had a chance to update her on our campaign and also to record a video to share with our Indiegogo supporters.  Here is a translation of what she says in the video:

Lalabu said her name and that she has 5 children with another on the way.  She loves her children - they are a joy to her and also will be a help to the family as they grow up.  Women in Burkina Faso put their babies on their back which allows them to do their work and have their baby with them at the same time.  
They are in need of a new home as their mud house leaks in every room.  They would love to build a house out of cement brick which would last through the rainy season.  They are also in need of food to feed their family.

We followed up with Lalabu to get a few more details.  She is due in October and doesn’t know if she is having a boy or a girl.  Five years ago she didn’t know she was having twins until the day she gave birth.  Francios, Lalabu’s husband, told us that it would cost about $8,000 to build a home out of cement.  Their mud house is cracking and they are at risk for it to fall down during the rainy season.

Through our “One Day One Dollar” model we are giving $1 for every carrier sold back to women in Africa - and for Indiegogo we are giving it to Lalabu and her family.  We’ve already received orders for 186 carriers through our campaign so that is $186 that Lalabu and her family can use towards a new house or other needs.  

Below are pictures from 2009 - Lalabu’s family, her house and pictures of the same two children from the video.