Do You See Me?

Have you ever noticed that your baby smiles bigger if you look at him directly instead of looking at him through your camera?  ... Why is that?

Do you see me?

Have you ever caught your little one taking a quick break from whatever he’s playing with to check and see if you are watching him?  ... Why is it important to him where my focus is?   

It’s almost like all throughout the day he is asking...

“Do you see me?”

“Are you paying attention?”

“Am I as important as other things that win your focus?”  

I am somewhat desensitized to this phenomena in my relationships.  When spending time with others, it seems kind of normal to have them look at their phone while they are talking to me.  Not fully focused on it or on me.  That’s how we communicate now a days though, right?  Partially face to face and partially through our devices.  We have too much to keep up with to just do one thing at a time.  So, we’ve all become accustomed to this.  

But to my baby, this seems really weird.  

“Mom, I’m here to play.”  

“Did you see my latest trick?!”

My son smiles bigger when I look at him face to face.  When I catch him sneaking a peak and my attention is already on him, he laughs, delights, and satisfied turns back to playing.  He wants to see that I am watching him and without even saying it he gets his answer back.

“Yes, I see you Levi!”

Do you see me? Am I as important as other things that win your focus?