I Dream For Them

Leroy Lamar - Serenity's Steps

Leroy has a beautiful vision to provide women being sexually exploited with the steps necessary to move from a life of chaos to one of serenity.  We met one morning at Community Grounds Coffee House – his favorite gathering place in South Atlanta.  I listened as he verbalized his dreams to restore dignity and bring hope to the women in his community.  I was meeting with Leroy because his organization, Serenity’s Steps, is one of Lalabu’s community partners.  As I listened he shared plans to one day build a pocket neighborhood that provides short-term housing and community support.  Serenity’s Steps also has a vision for a soap and lotion factory that supplies outreach kits and provides the dignity of a good job to women entering a new phase of life.  A third dream is to open a boutique hotel in Atlanta where everything in the hotel from the bedding to the coffee is sourced from companies that are committed to helping women in need.  The hotel will operate on a modified ‘one for one’ model - by staying a night in the hotel you will also be providing a night of rest to a woman who needs it.  

A core value at Lalabu is the desire to give ourselves for the down and out.  We make simple baby products, but we work for new lives because we are committed to building wonderful new lives for women without enough in addition to providing wonderful starting points for new moms and their babies.  When I see women on the streets of Atlanta they become my inspiration.  I think, “Maybe we will be able to help her.”  It spurs me on.  It fuels what we do at Lalabu.  Thank you for giving us the privilege to work for new lives.  

“When I dream, most of the time I dream for them.” - Leroy Lamar, speaking on behalf of the women he serves