It's Messy

My husband is ultra sanitary.  He doesn’t like to touch food with his hands in case they aren’t clean.  

Levi’s primary utensil is his hands.  It doesn’t bother him at all to have food everywhere.  

What’s great is the impact this has had on my husband.  Levi loves reaching his hands out to his dad while eating. And Brian reaches out and touches those little fingers back.  And... it’s messy.  

It's messy

But leaning into Levi, responding to him, making him laugh is worth the mess.  

Isn’t this analogous to much of what authentic relationship is all about?  Oftentimes it requires us to put aside our own ways of living and lean into someone else, make them more important.  

It's messy... but it's worth it! 

Forgive when we don't want to. 

Give when it’s costly.

Be generous without repayment.

Rejoice over their delights.

Be transparent even when it’s difficult.  

Sacrifice productivity for connection.


It’s messy... but it’s worth it!