Joyous Responsibilities

Is there any sound sweeter to a parents ears than the sound of their child laughing out loud?  I’m not talking about giggles, although those are great.  I’m talking about the kind of laugh that surprises you.  When your little one thinks something is SO funny and their joyous outburst carries over to you and makes you start laughing too.  Aren’t those moments the best?!  I wish I could just freeze them and experience them over and over.  

What I’ve started to recognize is these moments seem to happen in the midst of my normal, mundane rhythm of daily responsibilities.  Levi is a part of that and periodically something I’m doing that’s totally boring and not funny to me, catches him off guard as absolutely hilarious.  

This weekend I carried him on my back for the first time and took him outside with me to pull weeds.  I know, really exciting.  But, when Levi saw me doing it, he started laughing hysterically!  I would dig down under the weed, pull it out, turn to my right, and throw it into the wheelbarrow. As I did this, Levi laughed and laughed and laughed.  I have never enjoyed pulling weeds so much in my life!  

Joyous responsibilities - raining socks on the little man.

Again this happened yesterday while I was folding laundry on Levi’s play mat with him.  I had a giant pile of socks that needed to be paired and folded.  Levi rolled into them and started playing with them.   Then I got the idea to shower him in socks.  “It’s raining socks little man,” I said as I threw them up in the air and they started falling all around him.  He burst out into that joyous sound of glee and soon I was laughing too.  Enjoying him and laundry more than ever before.  

Thank God that a baby’s delight is absolutely contagious.  It could possibly be one of the best moments of parenting.

He burst out into that joyous sound of glee and soon I was laughing too.