Lalabu Baby on Pinterest

When you were pregnant, did you register at one of the websites that send you weekly updates on how your baby is growing and what type of produce they were sized like?  I did.  It was pretty fun sharing these updates with my husband, friends, and family.  What I didn’t realize is I would continue receiving these types of emails well after my baby was born too!  They come less frequently, but they are still describing what would likely be going on with my baby at his given age.  

I realized though that I was way less interested in reading these than when I was pregnant.  Now that I can see my baby for myself, it’s so much more fun to just watch him directly to see what he’s up to and how he’s growing and changing.  

I started to think that instead of reading emails describing these changes, it would be so much better to see what other babies were up to at various stages as well.  And thus the Lalabu Baby Pinterest boards were born!!!  

Follow Lalabu on Pinterest and you can see what babies are up to each month of life through their first year. We have some really hilarious ones that have been shared so far.  If you’d like to share some of your little one’s cutest, he or she can be a Lalabu baby too!  Just email a picture, baby’s age in months, and name to and we’ll add it to our boards.

Your little one can be a Lalabu baby too!