Milk From the Jug

When you’re breastfeeding, at some point people will start asking you how long you plan to do it.  Levi is 6 months old now and I am already starting to get this question.  When considering my answer I started to think about what he’d consume instead.  I realized most babies transition from either formula or breast milk to cow’s milk.  

When does drinking milk from a cow become normal?

Wait a second, what?!  

In the US, we refer to cow’s milk as milk.  It’s what we drink.  You don’t really think about it, you just consume it.  But now that I am a lactating mother myself, the concept of giving my baby the result of what a lactating cow produces is really kinda weird. It made me realize that drinking cow’s milk is weird for anybody - young person or old.  It’s easy to see that milk from a baby’s mom is better for them than milk from a cow.  When does drinking milk from a cow become normal?   

If my baby continues to need milk until the food he’s eating provides the nutrition he needs, it seems to me like it would be better for him to have the milk designed for him and not livestock.  I’m not talking about breast milk versus formula here, I’m talking about milk from the jug.  When you produce milk yourself you start to think differently about it.  This habit of ours is really weird!