Mother's Day Gift Idea, The Soothe Shirt!

It’s A Glam Thing recently featured the Lalabu Soothe Shirt as one of the latest and greatest gifts for new moms on Arizona Midday.  Watch our portion of the show below.

And to all the moms out there... Happy Mother’s Day!

Link to the video on YouTube

Dialogue from the segment

Host: Today we’re showing you gifts for moms and moms to be.  Dawn McCarthy is here from It’s A Glam Thing.

Dawn: Yes, this if for the mom to be.  Now first off we have Lalabu.  It’s a stylish top for mom, a cozy pouch for the baby and a nursing bra all in one.

Host: It’s like a kangaroo!

Dawn: Yeah!  The couple who founded this had such a brilliant idea.  They went to Burkina Faso, Africa and they learned how to swaddle the baby.  So now this is called the Soothe Shirt.  Not only can you hold your newborn close to you, but you can nurse.  It’s a functional top and a really cute tank top to go outside in.  It’s functional and comes in several great colors.  Husband and wife, brilliant idea.

Host:  That’s crazy, I love it!  What’s it called again?

Dawn: Lalabu.  I love saying it actually.  And the portion of the proceeds goes back to women in Africa.

Host:  I love these ideas because every idea is something you probably haven’t seen before.

You can watch the entire clip at  Learn more about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt here.