Sleep Your Baby

There is so much to learn when taking care of a baby.  When I was pregnant and trying to make sure I was all ready for my little one to arrive I was focused primarily on things like diapers and feeding and what products I needed to take care of him - changing pads, blankets, clothes, bathing supplies, etc.  What I didn’t spend as much time on turned out to be one of if not the most important aspects of baby care - sleep.  

Sleep your baby

I learned that sleep not only impacts a baby’s physical development and growth, it plays a critical role in their mental development.  I learned sleep can even impact their overall temperament and ability to concentrate.  There are hundreds of resources on this topic and many tried and true approaches that guarantee you’ll handle this arena of baby care well.  

My husband and I gained the most from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.  Here are a few of the things I learned along my journey to best sleep my baby:

  • Babies can only handle being awake for 1-2 hours at a time.  When they start to show any sign of drowsiness, it’s time to sleep them.  

  • Babies need to learn how to fall asleep and this doesn’t come naturally.  It is much better if a baby knows how to do this on their own as it allows them to be put down for naps awake and to fall back asleep on their own if they wake up in the middle of the night.  

  • It’s unrealistic for me to think my baby should fall asleep instantly when I put him down. I don’t fall asleep instantly, why should I expect this from him?  

  • Sleep is an important arena where you can’t make up for lost time. Missing naps and thinking that the baby will just make up for it at night doesn’t work with sleep as all sleep isn’t equal.  Morning naps have specific and important functions and aren’t the same as afternoon naps.  

Helping him to sleep is one of the most important aspects of how I care for him.

I used to think my baby would fall asleep on his own if he was tired and that he would know when he needed rest.  Now I know helping him sleep is one of the most important aspects of how I care for him.