Something BIG

One week ago today something really big happened.  

It might have seemed ordinary.  A FedEx truck blocked a small one lane road in Cabbage Town and lowered one pallet of boxes down to the street.  What everyone around didn’t realize was the significance of that one delivery.  

Lalabu's first delivery

For us it was our first order… finally here!!  

There were times over the last three years we didn’t think this would ever happen.  It’s funny when you look at something like this and realize just how much work went into getting them here - and how many of you  were a part of making this dream a reality.  

Thank you!

Lalabu's first order

To join us in celebrating we’ve shared a few pictures.  Here’s what the joyful frenzy of fulfilling our first round of shipments looked like.  Thank you and enjoy your Lalabu Soothe Shirts!!!

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