Teach Me To Play

Levi started playing with our African drum last week.  It was so fun watching him as he explored it....drumming with his hands.... AND with his feet.  I was telling my mom that the sound is muted when Levi drums because he hasn’t learned to move his hand off after he hits it.  Without even realizing it I was kind of implying that he wasn’t doing it right as if there was a right way he should be playing with it.  

A right way to play?  Seriously?!  

Levi is able to play with just about anything and be fully satisfied with it for hours.  He’s not restricted by paradigms on how things ought to be done. Everything is new.  Everything is fun.  Everything he comes in contact with provides an opportunity to explore... learn... discover... play.  

Everything is new.  Everything is fun.

As an adult, unfortunately, I’ve lost much of this ability myself.  When I look at something I see it for its intended function and immediately turn to the way I should interact with it.  How boring.  

We have an amazing opportunity to learn from our children.  They thrive at play - unhindered by the framework that leads us to boredom, dissatisfaction, and the need for entertainment.  Let’s accept their invitation back into the unhindered joy of playing!!