Words That Shape

One of the biggest hesitancies women share when they consider pregnancy is the fear of becoming huge!  We spend so much time trying to stay slim and trim, the thought of willfully gaining weight and having a big tummy can be overwhelming.  

My friend Rachel had her first baby before I did.  I was visiting her one day asking her about her experience and she said some things that forever changed my viewpoint on this dilemma.  She might not even remember what she said, but to me it was one of those stand-still moments where my perspective was forever shaped.  

celebrate the miracle of exactly how I am supposed to be

She talked about savoring the physical experience of bringing new life into being.  How the curviness that is uniquely feminine, becomes more beautiful as it’s accentuated in the breasts and hips and even right across the core of our body where the baby grows.  It’s really beautiful.  Something to be cherished.  It’s the beginning of an intimate bond moms and babies share, starting within our very selves.  It’s kind of like you get to experience the fullness of being a woman only through the experience of pregnancy.  

Some of us have a habit of persecuting ourselves for how we look.  Constantly wishing we could change this or that and never feeling fully comfortable in our very skin.  These emotions are rarely vocalized, we cycle these rigid words over and over meditating on them in our thoughts.  Rachel’s perspective on pregnancy was a grand invitation…to cease the toil of never good enough and replace those with words that celebrate the miracle of exactly how I am supposed to be.   







words that shape