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Chief Operating Officer


Our Chief Operating Officer Is...

  • A Strategic Problem Solver - Our COO is able and willing to find new and different approaches that align with our company and operational objectives when things don't go as planned. He/she will persevere when it seems like a good solution isn't available.  When roadblocks occur, our COO doesn’t give up and sees set backs as pivot points.

  • Highly Skilled In Complex Analysis And Modeling - Our COO understands near-term and long-term analytical needs of the business and has the ability to identify and create solutions for those needs.  He/she pays special attention to detail, and is adept at leading teams working towards specific operational standards.  Additionally, our COO is highly skilled at analyzing and making meaning out of our data by creating new models as our business grows.

  • A Compelling Leader - Our COO inspires our team with a vision of where we are going and why it matters.  He/she develops high trust relationships with our internal team members as well as our external partners and vendors.  He/she earns the respect of others through their performance and how they relate to people at a human level, not just at a business level.  As a result, our COO motivates and leads team members to pursue excellence in their respective roles by ensuring that they have the confidence and tools needed for success.


As a senior leader, you’ll work side-by-side with our CEO charting our course and direction.


How to Apply

Let's meet!  Tell us why you're a great fit for this role.  We can be reached at careers@lalabu.com.