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Does your baby do this?

If you’re spending long late-night hours rocking your baby to sleep, you may find yourself wondering if your baby’s eyes will ever close…

...And you may even discover that she actually is asleep -- with her eyes still wide open.

Yes, it’s a little weird, and it makes your baby look like a zombie, but it’s actually very common for babies to fall asleep without ever shutting their eyes. If your baby is still staring at you but her eyes are glassy and unfocused, and her arms are limp and relaxed, she might be sound asleep already. Sleeping with eyes open won’t hurt her, so it’s safe to gently lay her down. But if her weird stare bothers you, then a gentle stroke on her eyelids will probably get her to close them.

And now that you know, we hope that helps you get a little more shut-eye yourself!


Team Lalabu

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