Common Questions

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Cozy Pouch Questions

How long can I use my Soothe Shirt?  What’s the weight limit for the pouch?  

The pouch is intended for newborns between 7 and 15 lbs. You can wear it as a nursing tank daily the entire time you breastfeed. For many mamas that's a year or more.


Can I walk around with both hands free?

The pouch does support much of your newborn's weight, however we still recommend that you always keep one hand on the baby while they are in the pouch.


Is the Soothe Shirt a baby carrier?

The Soothe Shirt gets compared to baby carriers a lot since people are familiar with them. Here are some details to clear up any confusion.  The Soothe Shirt isn't a baby carrier and isn't intended for "hands free" carrying. Like carriers, it does distribute the child's weight across the upper body, securing your child and taking the weight off of your arms. Still, you should keep one hand on the baby while in the pouch.  It's not a "carrier" to hold your baby while you do other things. Much the opposite, our desire is that it promotes mom-baby bonding and actively doing life together.  This is encouraged through having a cozy pouch and nursing top available at all times.  Mom and baby enjoy the benefits of babywearing while baby is in the pouch and the Soothe Shirt makes breastfeeding more convenient even in public so you are more likely to do it.


Are there different positions for the baby while in the Soothe Shirt pouch?

When designing the pouch, we were very intentional on making sure it met the needs of the newborn - to be close and secure to their mom in a position that's best for their growing body. Because of that, babies need to be upright facing toward the mom while in the pouch (tummy to tummy). There are other products on the market that hold babies sideways or forward facing, but our research found those positions to be more hazardous for newborns - so we avoided them.

Nursing Bra Questions

Can babies nurse while in the Soothe Shirt?

You should remove the baby from the pouch before nursing. The built in nursing bra makes it easy to transition from holding the baby to nursing.


What is the built-in nursing bra like?  

The built-in nursing bra has a soft elastic band across the bottom which provides support. There are two layers of fabric, the bra panels and the pouch which provide great coverage and shape. To use the nursing bra, simply pull the pouch down and move the bra panel to the side.  One thing I love about nursing while using the Soothe Shirt is that it covers my tummy and back while breastfeeding. I don't have to struggle to pull my shirt up over my breasts or keep it off my baby's face.

Stylish Top Questions

Will the fabric get loose after lots of wears?

The ultra soft fabric we use is custom milled just for the Soothe Shirt.  It’s made with incredible recovery properties so it won't get loose even after months of use.  I wore my son in the pouch until he was 4-5 months old and then used it as a nursing tank until he weaned more than a year later.  You would never know the pouch was there, even after all that use.


What’s the fabric composition?  

The primary fabric in our shirts is a custom-milled polyester, rayon, spandex blend.  The bra-panel fabric in our Soothe Shirts is a super soft tencel.