@lalabubaby Soothe Shirt Outfits

Introducing the New Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Creating a fashion capsule is an approach to building a wardrobe that frees up your time and energy by curating a closet of the essential items that you love most.  The idea is to choose useful clothes that are suitable for the season, fit well today, and are appropriate for your lifestyle.  The end goal is to shop less and enjoy what you have more.  This amazing process was developed by Caroline at un-fancy.com.

We loved the idea of the fashion capsule so much that we had to make one of our own!  Using the Soothe Shirt as the base layer, we created a 36-piece wardrobe for new moms.

@lalabubaby Soothe Shirt New Mom Capsule Wardrobe

Share your style!

We invite you to share your style through posting an outfit or by making a "New Mom Wardrobe" of your very own. There are two ways to join in...

1. Post an outfit tagged #LalabuFashion

One of our favorite things is seeing how you incorporate the Soothe Shirt as a stylish top in your favorite outfits. Join in by posting an outfit including your Soothe Shirt.  This can be with or without your little one. Make sure to use hashtag #LalabuFashion so we can see it too :) 

2. Pin your own "New Mom Wardrobe"

Don't have a Soothe Shirt or baby yet? No problem!  Join in by pinning a "New Mom Wardrobe" on Pinterest. Create a new board, start with a Soothe Shirt as your base layer, and build from there. Email us a link to your board when you're done.

Here are two examples to get the ideas flowing.  Have fun!

Brooklyn Bliss' fall 2014 Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

Lalabu's New Mom Capsule Wardrobe on Pinterest