Julia is a single mother of two children. She lives in Kapsabet town with her family and she is a hardworking business lady. Julia is a grocery store operator who likes her business very much. She is known to be an early bird who goes to the market before dawn to buy fresh produce for her clients.

She is a very jovial lady who serves her clients with a lot of respect and dignity. Again her products are always fresh and of good quality. Her dream is to grow her business and educate her children to university.



The Mutimawurugo group is led by Jeannette, who is 35 years old. She is married and has six children aged between 2 and 16 years. The group name means “the heart of the family” in English.

Jeannette owns a shop, and she has been running this business for the past 20 years. The group members are working hard to improve their standards of living. Jeannette hopes to continue to buy more soap, biscuits, and cooking oil to sell. With the profits from the business, she would like to increase her savings.




Amiante Mamadou is a 40 year old Malian, and she is married with eight dependent children: five girls, and three boys. One of the boys goes to school and they vary in age from: 25 to 15 .

Amiante Mamadou raises sheep. She buys the sheep for her sheep farm, and sells them when she has raised them. She has been in this business for eight years. She buys her stock and makes her sales at the local fairs; with her profits she is able to help her family by paying for her children's school fees, and condiments so that the family can have a moderate diet. She often has difficulties with the sale of her product, but she works with a local salesman to cope with the problem.

She hopes to buy more sheep to make a lot of profits. This would enable her to make her and her family more comfortable and help them escape from poverty.