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For your baby, you’re MAGIC.

Do you ever worry that your baby is waking because she’s too cold or too hot?

Getting the exact right temperature in her sleeping room can be a challenge. Does she need more clothing? Less? Is the fan helping soothe her, or is it keeping her awake?

...But there’s one thing that always keeps your baby at the perfect temperature: YOU.

When you cuddle your baby, especially skin-to-skin, your body senses whether she’s too warm or too cold, and your body will automatically warm up or cool down to help regulate your baby’s temperature. If she gets a fever, you can cool her down by cuddling her...and if it’s cold out, then babywearing can keep her at the perfect temperature!

It may not help with nighttime sleep, but it sure can help with your peace of mind! And we hope it helps you enjoy your bonding time with your baby.


Team Lalabu

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