We want simple babywearing to be enjoyed by all parents and babies.  That's why we're thrilled to announce we're raising funds to develop a new babywearing product beyond the Soothe Shirt and Dad Shirt.

How you can help

1. Help bring this new product to the market by backing our campaign.

 All perks ship next week!

2. Share our campaign with your friends and family using the contest below.  Tell them how simple babywearing has impacted your life.  You can even have a chance at $1,000 in the process!

Have questions about our campaign? Some helpful info is below otherwise comment on our campaign page and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • Perks - All perks are ship ready!  Backers will be able to snag our current Simple Babywearing products at a discount and support the development of the next innovation in babywearing in the process.  As soon as our campaign ends, backers will be able to select their sizes and colors directly from lalabu.com and their orders will ship right away.  
  • Gifts - Want to gift a perk to an expecting friend?  You can select any perk on our campaign because when we fulfill them we will send you a lalabu.com gift certificate to choose your size and style.  You can use that for yourself or give it as a gift.  You can even use it to order a physical gift certificate to give at a baby shower.
  • Can't wait? - You can order our simple babywearing products for shipment immediately by visiting our shop.  Orders ship within 1 business day.  Yay!