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Got milk? You've also got THIS!

If all this late night nursing is making you sleepy, we have good news for you: it’s helping your baby be sleepy, too.

You probably know how good breastfeeding is for baby, but what you might not know is that your milk changes based on what your baby needs. So when you’re nursing on hot days, your breastmilk has more water to help with hydration. As your baby grows, your milk becomes more concentrated, giving your growing baby more fat, more protein, and more calories in the same volume of milk. And when you’re nursing at night, your milk has more tryptophan and seratonin -- hormones that (hopefully) help make your baby sleepy.

No matter how long you choose to breastfeed, your body will continue to produce exactly what your baby needs, right on demand. So even when you’re not getting enough rest, you can rest assured that your body is giving your baby everything he needs!

We hope that helps you enjoy these late-night sessions a little more -- and we hope those sleep-inducing hormones kick in soon tonight!


Team Lalabu

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