Here’s what’s important to us...if this describes you, let’s chat. 

Lalabu Exists To...

  1. Work for new lives
  2. Create simplified products to enjoy baby time

  3. Celebrate and appreciate parenthood

Our People Are...

  1. Passionate About Our Work - We embrace the reasons for why Lalabu exists and are excited to be a part of this team.  We share what we're about in a compelling and enthusiastic way, and we believe that what we do individually matters to our purpose.

  2. Team Players - We don’t compete with each other.  We’re all on the same team working to help each reach our individual and company goals as we pursue our ultimate purpose.  We’re also each willing and eager to try new things and take on new responsibilities as needed.

  3. Driven To Get The Right Stuff Done - We value results in addition to hard work.  We embrace failure and don’t give up when our efforts don’t lead to the results we were originally seeking.  We celebrate having an output mentality (outcomes realized) versus an input mentality (time clocked).