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About Lalabu

Lalabu is leading the simple babywearing movement with its focus on everyday wear that promotes child and parent bonding. In contrast to traditional baby carriers and wraps, Lalabu offers parents the unique opportunity to spend quality time with their newborns through easy-to-use babywearing solutions for mom, dad, and baby!

Two percent of all Lalabu profit is given to help families through their For New Lives giving model. The company has loaned over $100,000 to mom entrepreneurs in Africa as well as given to adoption assistance, conception assistance, and other start-ups doing good.  From its inception Lalabu has leveraged its “For New Lives” funds to help families pursue their dreams.


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Lalabu's original easy-to-use babywearing shirt for moms: new, improved, and now for dads too! Learn more at:

The Dad Shirt is easy. Just slide baby in and go. Wear it like a normal shirt, and it keeps baby secure and calm in the pouch.

Wearabu™ is the newest innovation in simple babywearing. Simply pick your child up, and put them on at any time. Now babywearing is as intuitive as putting on a backpack.


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Soothe Shirt®

Dad Shirt


Lalabu Leggings


Product Details

Lalabu Wearabu™ 

One line product description
The first ever Babywearing Romper™. Now baby wearing is as easy as putting on a backpack.

This patent-pending invention is the only baby carrier that has been thoughtfully designed into a romper that your baby wears. Simply unzip the stowed straps, pick your baby up, and put them on at any time.  It’s that easy. Wearabu makes babywearing as intuitive as putting on a backpack.

It’s flexible, breathable, and lightweight.  In fact, it is less than half the weight of a traditional soft-structured carrier.  We worked hard to make this something your baby can comfortably wear throughout the day, even while playing.

There’s no extra gear to keep up with when not in use and no bulky straps.  We leveraged principles from the latest in outdoor gear to create a contoured strap that provides comfort without bulk.  This also allows parents to easily wear another pack, purse, or jacket while wearing their baby.

Wearabu allows you to secure your baby in the carrier prior to wearing them.  Since they are already safe in their Wearabu you don’t have to worry about them falling to the ground while putting them on.  Our integrated “hip straps” move your baby’s legs into the proper hip positioning while being worn and release to allow free range of motion while playing in the romper.


Product Features

  • Carrier your baby wears, even while playing

  • Secure your baby prior to putting them on

  • Flexible, breathable, and lightweight

  • No gear to keep up with when not in use

  • Straps provide comfort without bulk

  • Makers of the original babywearing shirts

Lalabu Soothe Shirt® 

One line product description 
A stylish and innovative all-in-one babywearing shirt that’s both a nursing tank for mom and a cozy carrying pouch for baby.

First launched in 2013, the Soothe Shirt is a 3-in-1 stylish nursing tank for new moms, comfortable nursing bra, and cozy carrying pouch for baby. Ideal for layering in all seasons, the newly redesigned Soothe Shirt now includes an inner mesh panel for breathability, an adjustable head support and pouch extender, and a softer-than-ever bra panel for all day comfort. The Soothe Shirt is available in Pure Black, Simple Gray, and other limited edition styles. 


Shirt Features

  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns

  • Built-in nursing bra makes breastfeeding convenient

  • Inner mesh panel provides cool breathability

  • Pouch extender grows with baby

  • Made in the USA

Nursing Bra Tidbits

  • No need to wear a separate bra

  • Two fabric layers for extra coverage

  • Soft elastic band provides support

  • Shirt covers stomach while nursing

Lalabu Dad Shirt™ 

One line product description
The first babywearing shirt for dads that lets you wear baby simply. It makes it easy to win as a new dad! 

The first babywearing shirt exclusively for dads, the Lalabu Dad Shirt™ makes babywearing simple. Bonding with baby is easy in the Dad Shirt, because there’s no wrapping or tying. Just put on the shirt and slip baby inside, kangaroo-style. It makes it easy to win as a new dad!  The Dad Shirt is available in Simple Gray, Pure Black, and other limited edition styles.

Shirt Features

  • Easy-to-use pouch calms newborns

  • Stylish slim fit design looks like a normal t-shirt

  • Breathable mesh panel encourages bonding with baby

  • No wrapping, adjusting, or tying -- just slip baby in pouch

  • Made in the USA

Lalabu Leggings™

One line product description
Supportive premium leggings with a unique compression panel for postpartum recovery.

Lalabu Leggings are slimming, supportive, and comfortable while your postpartum body changes. These are perfect to wear right after your baby arrives and will make you feel great! Lalabu Leggings fill the gap when your maternity pants are too big and your pre-pregnancy pants are too small. Paired with your Soothe Shirt, it's your complete new mom outfit. Lalabu Leggings are available in full-length and crop-length. 


  • A gentle compression panel supports your postpartum belly

  • Premium wicking fabric with four-way stretch

  • Pair with your Lalabu Soothe Shirt for the perfect new mom outfit

  • Made in the USA

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