Most new moms want to do this weird you?

We hope you’re snuggling with your newborn right now! If you are, you’re probably gazing at that sweet face, willing those big eyes to close, enjoying how good your baby smells.

You probably also feel an almost irresistible urge to keep kissing your baby’s soft little cheek.

And you might even feel a weird urge to lick her cheek!

If you just can’t stop kissing that sweet face, we have good news for you: you’re not crazy. It’s really common for moms to feel like their baby’s face really is “good enough to eat.”

And there’s even a biological reason for it! Every time you get exposed to germs, your body automatically manufactures antibodies to those germs and puts them in your breast milk. So your urge to lick your baby’s face is probably just an instinct to make sure you get exposed to any germs on your baby’s face. It’s your instinct working to keep your baby healthy.


So go ahead -- it’s okay. Kiss that soft cheek all you want! After all, it’s midnight -- nobody’s watching.


Team Lalabu

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