Join us for New Mom Hour!

Would you like some personal advice on being a new mom? Tips on breastfeeding? Ideas for balancing your life? Now, you can get live tips and support from experts -- all from the comfort of your own couch! 

Twice a month, we bring in experts on topics related to being a new parent to join us live on our Instagram stories. During the one-hour event, you can direct message us and get an expert response right away. 

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Breastfeeding for New and Expecting Moms

Avery Young is a Certified Lactation Consultant based in Atlanta, Ga. 
From the best nursing positions to how to talking through breastfeeding myths, this New Mom Hour with Lalabu is filled with so much valuable  info for our new and expecting mamas! 

10-Minute Workout for New Moms

For this workout, all you’ll need is your body weight and some water. This will be a 10 minute workout that you can do anywhere so all you need to start with is your body weight and a water bottle.

Start with 2:00 circuit of planks! Hold each plank for :20 seconds
Side Plank
Rest for :30-:60 seconds!

Now, do as many rounds as you feel comfortable with the exercises below for the rest of the 10 minutes!

10 Push ups
10 Glute Bridge
10 Squats
10 Dips
10 Lunges

Repeat exercises until the end of 10 minutes! Still have gas left in the tank at the end? Repeat the 2:00 circuit from the beginning of the workout!