Operations Manager

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Lalabu Exists To...

  1. Work for new lives

  2. Create simplified products to enjoy baby time

  3. Celebrate and appreciate parenthood.


Our People Are...

  1. Passionate About Our Work - We embrace the reasons Lalabu exists and are excited to be a part of this team.  We share what we're about in a compelling and enthusiastic way, and we believe that what we do individually matters to our purpose.

  2. Team Players - We don’t compete with each other.  We’re all on the same team working to help each reach our individual and company goals as we pursue our ultimate purpose.  We’re also each willing and eager to try new things and take on new responsibilities as needed.

  3. Driven To Get The Right Stuff Done - We value results in addition to hard work.  We embrace failure and don’t give up when our efforts don’t lead to the results we were originally seeking.  We celebrate having an output mentality (outcomes realized) versus an input mentality (time clocked).    


Our Operations Manager Is...

  1. Detail-Oriented and Willing To Roll Up Your Sleeves - Our Operations Manager believes that the little things matter and pays special attention to the details.  As the company grows, the scale and complexity of the fulfillment and customer happiness functions will also grow, requiring him/her to be highly organized and continuously improve processes to manage a growing number of tasks simultaneously.  Our Operations Manager is willing to “roll up his/her sleeves” both mentally and physically, from critical problem-solving in front of a computer to physically carrying and organizing large boxes of products and supplies to getting to the heart of the problem with customers.

  2. Calm Under Pressure and Energized By Challenges - Our Operations Manager embraces times when our team is faced with pressure to fulfill significant orders, due to spikes in customer demand.  He/she sees these scenarios as exciting challenges to tackle and motivates the team to figure out a way to get the job done.  The Operations Manager also represents the voice of our company to our customers and realizes when a problem is big enough to necessitate a company change.  They have a practiced grasp on how to reduce complex situations and resolutions into highly digestible, brief, easily understood terms.  They have a complete and current understanding of our policies, campaigns, and company tone.  At the end of the day, our Operations Manager is excited to deliver great results for our company and customers, which is demonstrated in the enthusiastic attitude and energy that he/she brings to the team daily.

  3. A Compelling Leader and Emotionally Intelligent - Our Operations Manager cares about people and is excellent at recruiting, training, motivating, and leading a part-time fulfillment and customer happiness team.  He/she understands that success in this role is highly dependent upon his/her ability to develop a high-performing team and highly engaged team members.  He/she knows how to relate to anybody, but is especially good with frustrated people.  On the customer side, intuitively understands where the other person is coming from and is able to swiftly communicate that empathy while balancing the response with business objectives.



What You Are Accountable For...


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