Where it all started...


Hi! We are Brian and Keri — the husband and wife team behind Lalabu.


Babywearing first caught our attention on a trip to Africa when we noticed all of the babies were happily on their mom’s backs.  These little ones were soothed by mom's presence and were part of their parent's everyday life.

After returning to the states, we noticed how little moms wore their babies. Everyone knows that babies want to be held all the time and there’s good reason for it as physical touch is critical to their development.  Babies feel most safe and secure right up against their parent and it jump starts their learning as they can observe how their parent moves, talks, and interacts with the world around them.  

I wondered, "If babywearing is so incredible for both parent and baby, why aren’t more parents around me doing it?"  I eventually realized that even if parents are aware of all the many benefits of babywearing, most feel intimidated by getting started.  There was a need to simplify babywearing and that's when we decided to create an easy to use product that we hoped mom and baby would love.

One day my husband had a breakthrough, he asked, “What if your clothing was the gear?  And you didn’t have to learn how to use it, you could just wear it and it would always be there when you needed it?”  This epiphany lead to prototype after prototype and after much refinement and testing with our own son, the Soothe Shirt was born.

We launched the Soothe Shirt in 2013 and moms went crazy over it!  It was so fun for us to see so many babies being worn who otherwise would be missing out on that rich and much needed time right up against mom.  It wasn't long before people started asking for a dad version of our shirt.

The simple babywearing movement had begun.

It has been such an honor for us to have the opportunity to impact so many lives through simple babywearing.  We really do believe it’s the best start in life for babies plus it allows parents to most enjoy their baby time.


After all, dads should be able to bond with baby, too!



How can we make the perfect postpartum outfit for moms? Leggings. The answer is always leggings. Our Lalabu Leggings are specially designed to be slimming, comfortable and extra supportive for your postpartum body!