We'd love to partner with you to offer Lalabu products at your business.

High-Level Terms*

No minimum order quantity – All orders must be a minimum order of 10 units.

Orders ship once payment is received.

Minimum Advertised Price – You cannot advertise a price below the retail price on Lalabu.com (currently $75 for Soothe Shirts, Dad Shirts and Lalabu Leggings).

Payments can be made by credit card or by check – We do not extend payment terms.

Third Party Channels – You cannot sell Lalabu products on any third party marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Third Party Distribution – You cannot redistribute products to third parties for resale.

*See our complete wholesale terms here

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*By placing a PO you agree to abide by our complete wholesale terms.  We enforce these terms to protect the value of stocking Lalabu products for all of our retail partners. Breaking these terms will cancel your right to use our marketing materials and prevent future POs.


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Thank you for partnering with us to offer Lalabu products in your local stores :)