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What Moms are saying about their Soothe Shirts

“Love it! Wore it to run errands today and my one month old fell asleep in it every time I dropped her in. Need one for every day of the week!”


“First time using my @lalabu soothe shirt & I'm in love. Simone seems to like it too.  I could seriously see myself living in this...I loved my soft carrier with Tate, but I did not love wrapping 74 yards of fabric around myself every time I wanted to use it. This thing will change a new mom's world.”
Madeline, blogger and mom of 2


The Soothe Shirt is the best! Me and my son (9 weeks old) love it so much. My sister bought it for me when he was born and it's the best gift I received. I will recommend all moms and moms to be to buy a soothe shirt, it's brilliant ❤️ Lots of love from a fan in Sweden :)
 Jennifer, new mom in Sweden


“I received three different types of carriers before my daughter, Hannah, was born. She is three months old now and the Soothe Shirt is the only one that I have really used! I love that I can just pop her into it without having to race across the house to find a carrier. Plus it's fantastic for nursing - I'd be willing to pay the full price for the Soothe Shirt just to use as a nursing shirt. The main thing I love about my Soothe Shirt is that it has given me much-needed confidence as a new mom to get out and about. I always wear it when I'm headed out to parties, to church, etc because I know that if she gets tired, fussy, or over-stimulated I can put her into the pouch. 90% of the time she will fall right asleep, even with a good deal of background noise. I am now the proud owner of 2 Soothe Shirts, and have "sold" nearly a dozen of them to fellow new moms who have seen me and my Soothe Shirt in action! I can't imagine the last three months without it.”
Monica, entrepreneur and mom to Hannah


“It’s such a unique product. It’s simple yet versatile and attractive, and it promotes the unity of mother and baby.”
— Jennifer


“I love how easy it is to take my baby around with Lalabu! No bulky straps or buckles and no massive amount of fabric to hold my baby. So easy and versatile.
— Lisa


“The Soothe Shirt is extremely convenient and easy to use. I value how quick I can slip my daughter into the shirt. I love that I can wear it as a shirt as well and the ability to nurse.
— Amaris


“Super helpful as you have more kids.
— Corie


“They are very attractive tops, as well as functional!
— Diane


“Love the product, love the story, love the cause!
— Tina


“Very convenient, my baby loves it.
— Kristen


"This shirt is so awesome! Of all the baby products we’ve bought, which is a lot with four kids in four years, this is one of best!"
— Jennifer


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