Soothe Shirt® SWL Special Ed.

Soothe Shirt® SWL Special Ed.


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Whether you are a mom, sister, aunt, grandmother, or daughter, you are worthy of love.  We believe in the importance of new parents loving themselves. When we love ourselves there is a natural overflow into the lives of others, and that is so important in the life of a new baby. Any transitional season can be hard, and we want parents to know that despite all of the challenges that came come along with change, they are worthy of love. We believe that as children watch their parents give themselves love and respect despite imperfections and life's challenges, they will learn to do the same. Each and every mother, father and child are worthy of love, and we hope that our collaboration with Lalabu will remind parents of that.
+ So Worth Loving

Creator’s Cred
This design came from the head, heart & hand of Eryn Erickson. All So Worth Loving designs are first dreamed up and doodled and then screen printed to perfection.

The Little Things
The ink used in this special edition is water based, creating a vibrant vintage look that is soft, breathable and safe for baby.

Free to the U.S. & Canada; available worldwide

Available Styles
Pure Black, Rich Purple, So Worth Loving (Special Edition), Chocolate Brown (Limited Edition)

Based on bust, please see our sizing chart

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So Worth Loving. It's a lifestyle. © SWL

Our Story - Lalabu

Stylish top for mom, cozy pouch for baby, nursing bra all-in-one

  • Easy to use pouch calms newborns
  • Built-in nursing bra for convenient breastfeeding
  • Perfect for all seasons - stylish enough to wear alone, light enough to wear under layers
  • Soft, wrinkle free fabric
  • Made in the USA

Want To Know More?

Great! Here are three ways you can learn more about the Lalabu Soothe Shirt.

  1. Visit our Soothe Shirt feature page to watch a "Day With Lalabu" video, see more pictures and read about the features of the Soothe Shirt.
  2. Browse through our frequently asked questions with Keri here, where one of our founders answers common questions from moms.
  3. Contact us!  We're glad to hear from you.

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