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Why is your baby awake right now?

It’s midnight, and your baby is awake!

You knew to expect this; after all, everybody warned you that your newborn would keep you up at night.

But you might not know why.

Would it help if you knew your baby has a good reason for waking up at night?

In fact, it might even be good for YOU to be awake…

You see, it’s actually normal for humans to wake up at night. Before the invention of electricity, everyone experienced a “first sleep” (from sunset till midnight-ish) and a “second sleep” (from 1 or 2 am until dawn). It wasn’t until electricity enabled people to stay up later that adults began consolidating sleep into one 8-hour stretch.

Eventually, your baby’s sleep patterns will consolidate, too. Till then, it may help if you try turning off your lights and going to bed earlier yourself, so waking up at midnight doesn’t feel so exhausting!

And in the meantime, we hope you enjoy your baby time--even at midnight!


Team Lalabu

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